Monthly Archives: February 2017

Day Fifty-nine, 59 degrees, Forest Green Heather

img_20170228_214209Spotted the first spring bulbs on my walk to work this morning. Snowdrops, but: no snow (for a while). Last day of February. In Buffalo.

Day Fifty-eight, 46 degrees, Radiant Lime


Day Fifty-seven, 36 degrees, Deep Teal


Day Fifty-six, 65 degrees, Forest Green Heather

img_20170225_140000_editEarly record breaking high, previous being 63 set in 1957, now currently snowing and 30 degrees.

Day Fifty-five, 71 degrees, Lemon

img_20170225_122053Record breaking temperature of 71 degrees was recorded, breaking the old record of 67, set in 1906. Another piece of climate news: both Buffalo and Rochester might be the hottest February on record this year, after being the coldest February on record just two years ago.

Day Fifty-four, 60 degrees, Forest Green Heather


Day Fifty-three, 58 degrees, Forest Green Heather


Day Fifty-two, 59 degrees, Forest Green Heather


Day Fifty-one, 46 degrees, Radiant Lime


Day Fifty, 49 degrees, Radiant Lime


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