Days Three and Four, 43 and 39 degrees, Deep Teal

I know, I know, I’m over thinking this whole thing now. When I got home yesterday our thermometer read 45.6F, which meant I would be getting into the greens, of which I still didn’t have any. But last time I checked the NWS said the high was 43, meaning I would still be in deep teal. After talking it out with n, I decided I should go with the NWS high temperature for the day, for a few different reasons: where we have our thermometer is in a kind of protected area, a microclimate; when I’m traveling I can still get the temperature; etc. my next problem: the official temperature wouldn’t be posted until after midnight, and while staying up to watch the last two episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke was tempting, I was also tired. That wasn’t happening.

Come today: the temperature was reported as 43 as the high for yesterday and today got up to 39 before it dropped dramatically (18 as I write this). Which means two more rows of deep teal. Tomorrow: looks like a new shade of blue….


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