Day One: Dark Teal

It has been a while since I posted, and my crocheting has certainly slowed down, but I’d like to make 2017 the year I get back on track (not just with crocheting either) and what better way to start than a project with The Deb? We’re working on temperature blankets, an idea we got from the Lion Brand Notebook. I couldn’t justify buying a lot of new yarn for this project since I have so much in my stash from failed and frogged WIPs so I went through my trunk today and was pleased to see that I had enough to start: many of my yarns are cool colors.

Temperature Blanket 1_1_2017 (1).jpg

I was surprised not to have enough greens, I could have sworn I had at least enough for 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit, but was pleased to see a gift certificate for JoAnn’s from mom should cover the whole 44-66 range. Also pleased that my 67-77 degree range will be made with yellow yarn from Cherie. I’ll have to fill in the warms and hots, no surprise really, but still have a little time to figure that all out. I think – we’ll see what climate change has in store for us this year, I suppose. Doing a blanket a year could be an interesting visual documentation of a warming planet.

I decided to use a special notebook from Cherie’s trip to India in the first quarter of 2016, which I just received for Christmas, to record this project, which combines crochet and weather, two of my favorite hobbies. What better place than in this beautiful journal given to me by one of my best friends so that I will be reminded of her daily.

Temperature Blanket 1_1_2017 (2).jpg

And with that, Day One, steady in the mid-3os, begins with row one in Dark Teal….


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