Mom’s Embellished Beanie

This may be the last winter hat I try to make for a while; I  do crochet tight but even when I change hooks accordingly and manage to match the gauge most of my hats fit too snug. (Fine by me, I’ve never been a hat person!) Here’s to hoping they all stretch over time. (Mom, next time you add to your wish list for me, just pick something besides a hat….)

Another Lion Brand pattern, crocheted in Homespun. Homespun is an acrylic yarn that comes in a range of colors that LB calls “painterly stripes” because they create projects with subtle stripes in them. It feels and looks beautiful when finished but is a PAIN to work with. Read some comments on the yarn by Ravelry users, including me, here. I found one user’s comment to feel your stitches to be incredibly helpful, as was another’s comment to work slowly. Both techniques kept my cursing to a minimum, and I do think this little project and the patience and care required did improve my crocheting technique. That said, I’m not eager to work with this yarn again!

Mom's Embellished Beanie

Mom’s Embellished Beanie

Mom's Embellished Beanie

Mom’s Embellished Beanie

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